*glances at clock*


*clock grows in size*


*everyone in room bounces in anticpation*


*bells ring, song/dance combination begins*

Yes, that’s right. Tomorrow’s the last official day of school, with just two exams and then semesters until Friday. I’m doing last-ditch attempts to save my grades, and hopefully they work. I’m going to graduation on Wednesday, and then starts a weekend of partying for me. We leave for our Alaskan cruise next Thursday, the 12th, and don’t return until the 26th.

Call me horrible, but this year, I just don’t want school to end. I don’t think I ever want school to end, just the academic work and nervousness. School provides me with routine (which is scant in my home life) and I really like that. It’s almost like, no matter what’s going on, school will be the same, the one thing I’m good at no matter what, a set amount of time where I know exactly what will happen. In addition, I won’t see my friends for a while this summer, and I like knowing that I can see them daily at school. Lastly, I’m just not ready for junior year. I’m not ready for all new teachers and courses — I just got these under control! I don’t want all the seniors to be gone, and now have our juniors be the seniors. I don’t want new freshman invading the territory that I’ve finally grown used to. I don’t want harder classes. I don’t want new clubs. I don’t want CHANGE, essentially, and although I know it’s inevitable, I can’t help feeling that if I could just keep everyone the way they are at this moment in time, I’d be okay. I’m apprehensive of year 11, to say the least, and I want all my friends to stay friends and everything to be like it is now. I’m afraid of changing relationships. I’m afraid of not being able to handle everything new. I like how things are.

I want to freeze these moments in time, these last few days before everything begins to fall apart into summer.