That first post was so formal, my fingers itched to edit it and make it fun.
So here we go; and like on a roller coaster, you’re in for the ride.

Since you’re reading this, it means I’ve told you. So basically, you know me. But it’s still fun to learn about your [niece, granddaughter, friend, neighbor, random person you met on the street], so here you go:

-Well, I’m pretty much obsessed with these three Jersey boys, who create amazing music, and have captured my heart completely. If you’ll note, on the sidebar, I have it rigged so that YouTube videos that come up when you Google “Jonas Brothers” show. Go ahead, try it out, click on one that has Nick in it, and view my future husband.
-I’m afraid of self-flushing toilets, hairdryers, and the LochNess Monster.
-I write constantly, and sing. Jonas, the Police, Hellogoodbye, matchboxtwenty, Boys Like Girls, whatever song I heard on the radio that morning, you know how it goes. If I remember, at the end of each post, I’ll put what I’m listening to, as the “Song Of the Moment.”
-I prefer the flat, Converse-like, fabric-y type of shoelaces to the athletic round kind.
-I’m a Harry Potter FREAK. I’m fully planning on having a party to celebrate the movie and book in July. However, if JK Rowling kills off Harry, I might just throw the book across the room. I cried when Sirius died, and if Harry *gulp* dies, I will become emo. For sure.
-I love baseball. Little League, to be precise. World Series is okay, but, nothing can beat the antidote to “There’s no crying in baseball”– when the T-ball players actually DO cry when struck out.
-My favorite color is blue, I like to be spontaneous, and it basically infuriates me that there are so many people in the world, with their own stories, that I will never meet. This often results in me waving to random people, and making friends often.

Basically, you now know everything about me, haha. Well, I’m on SUMMER BREAK. I got exempt from my exams, so while all the other students who had zeros are taking exams right now, I’m creating a blog. I love myself. :] I’m hoping I can keep up with this. Especially because it’s summer, and I won’t be tanning the WHOLE time.

Song of the Moment: “Streetcorner Symphony” by Rob Thomas.
Current mood: Hungry. (We have a half-gallon of expired milk in our refrigerator, but no bagels?)